Virgil’s Room, Finished.

This is an old post that never for published. How happy I am to say that after this week my friend will not live in this room, but in an apartment with his new bride. I wish them the happiest of days, a marriage that is deep and rich, and moments of appreciation for the gift they have in each other.


From this spring:
It came together very well. My friend is very pleased with the result and excited to have a space that feels inviting and looks great. The yellow chevron striped pillows didn’t match everything else, funny thing, so they’ve found a home on a friends’ couch. I’m up for lots more interior design projects so if you hear of any, spread my name around.






Figure Drawing and Current Work

Trying to make a painting out of this drawing. She is so elegant and Greek and I need some columns and cypress trees. She’s Venus or Athena. But tonight I discovered that not only can I not paint I can’t even mix colors. All in good time my dear.
Art history was wild with excitement this evening. Studying the way light makes things change color, shadows are blue in the light or violet or dark green; they’re rarely black. And the Impressionists and Cassat and Pussini. I left wild with painting energy to come home and create nearly nothing worth anything. But this is not the point I have to tell you again and again. No! The point is that I did paint. I did. I came home and I channeled the energy into paper with brush and dyed liquid plastic and I worked. I put lines on a paper and this is my symphony. This is the poetry I write. Perfection is not the good, making is the good. Creating out of my need to create is the most valuable part of the process.

That is me channelling my inner art history teacher. That is what happened. I will not apologize, someday I may just teach your cousin’s nephew and change his life. Got to practice this too; teaching art history and changing lives.




Drawing at Home

Well I have continued drawing these last ten days or so, but my phone has been away from me. Therefore my camera has been missing all the action and so have you! Let me show you what’s been going down upstairs at my house!

Graphite on brown paper. Some white chalk would make this baby pop but graphite and chalk resist each other. I’ve got about five hours, okay maybe three, into this thing and I’m just not very eager to mess it up. I am eager to finish it though. What other objects should I add to it? A hand trowel? A pack of seeds? Flower? Cloth? The wood grain from the table it’s on?